“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Davide for several years at both Brocade and Pulse Secure. During that time he has been instrumental in forming a UX function within the business, defining and redefining our processes from the ground up. He is an expert pratictioner in all things UI and UX, and a highly personable and valued colleague.” January 29, 2020

Paul Carroll, Director, Pulse Secure

“Davide is an experienced professional passionate about UX. I had the pleasure to work with Davide at Brocade and during that time I was really impressed by how quickly he revolutionised the design of our UI and how positively he influenced the engineering team implementing it. He is such an agreeable character and always finds time to connect with his colleagues on a personal level. His friendly and approachable personality really shines every time he gives a presentation. I would recommend Davide without any hesitation to anyone who would like to work with him.” February 27, 2020

Mariapaola Sorrentino, Agile Program Manager, Citrix

“I’ve worked with Davide at both Brocade and Pulse Secure. In my experience, he brings his extensive knowledge of human perception, graphic design and a rare passion and enthusiasm for UX to bear in all projects he works on.” January 29, 2020

Dale Self, Senior Software Engineer, Pulse Secure

“Davide is a vibrant and passionate UX professional. A true creative who is able to bring a concept to life. Davide’s ability to evangelise about the importance of a good user experience is second to none. As is his ability to understand how and when design standards and branding should be used.” April 19, 2015

Fiona Underwood, Digital Delivery Manager, KPMG

“Davide is a professional and competent user experience consultant. Having evolved his career through both design and developer roles he combines a range of skills to produce high quality work. This also makes him fast. Davide delivered under pressure and provided exactly what we needed – great user interface design.” December 27, 2009

Rory Yates, Head of eBusiness and Associate Director, Monitor Media

“I worked closely with Davide at LOVEFiLM where he played a leading role in creating a definitive user experience for a brand new TV based service. Davide has a great insight into how users like to use products and services and would always be extremely persistence in getting the job done in the best way possible. Davide has been an outstanding person to work with and I hope to work with him again in the future”
December 21, 2009

Lee Turner, Business Analyst, LOVEFiLM

“Davide is a great personality who brings experience, best practice and creative magic to any user experience project. I worked with him on a new TV service for LOVEFiLM, which created some unique user experience challenges, however this is what Davide thrives on, and it has been an absolute pleasure working with him…and hope to work with him again in the future…” December 21, 2009

Paul Johnson, Owner, Real Eyes Digital (UK) Limited

“Davide joined LOVEFiLM at the start of the initial planning and design stages of LOVEFiLM’s TV Platform project. In my role as Project Manager I had the pleasure of working with Davide as he defined the UI architecture of the TV platform and designed the interfaces that our development team were to code. Davide is an extremely personable and capable individual and I found him very easy to work with. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him and would be very happy to work with him again in the future.” December 20, 2009

John Wells, Agile Project Manager, LOVEFiLM.com

“Working with Davide as part of a user experience pitch was a pleasure. As well as providing hard work and good humour, Davide was not afraid to share his knowledge with others. I look forward to any opportunity to work with him again in the future.” December 20, 2009

Tony Peters, Internet Developer & Consultant, Monitor Media

“I would tick all of the options if I could. Davide is quite simply a pleasure to work with. He is one of the most genuine, conscientious and reliable people I have worked with. He has excellent communication skills, a strong background in User Experience and is comfortable dealing with a project from the initial scope to picking up a potential problem and delivering great results. It is his can do attitude combined with a level of professional approach that has made me trust him implicitly. Plus the fact he is one of life’s genuinely nice fellows and that has been fed back every time he has worked for us. In short a great guy with a great attitude and great skills to match.” December 20, 2009

Rob Sheffield, Managing Director – International at Nakama (NAK)

“In only three months, Davide has produced an impressive amount of work including the overall UI architecture and a detailed set of interfaces for a TV-based project, for which he even developed a few videos demoing its design and behaviour. He also produced a detailed preparatory work for the outsourcing of a complete set of style guidelines, encompassing both print and web media.

Davide loves his profession and has a precise attention to detail. His attitude at work is proactive and passionate. All his work has been accurate and delivered on time.

He has the ability to capture a complex scenario and turn it into a simple, logical user experience. His contribution to product development has been widely recognised by senior management.” October 5, 2009

Ben Lavender, Digital Product Director, LOVEFiLM International

“Davide has great experience, professionalism and leadership skills in the UI world and would be a fantastic addition to any team. Above all he is a real character, bright, enthusiastic about life, inspiring and a pleasure to spend time with.” May 12, 2009

Benedict Hazan, Consultant, ARN Consulting

“Davide is great person to have in team. He was working on the new version of Huddle and his work’s been marvelous – it needs no more words, just check it out and you’ll know. Davide is a must have if you care about user experience of your clients.”  December 24, 2008

Bohus Stanislav, Senior Developer, Ninian Solutions, Ltd.

“Davide always had fantastic ideas for Huddle and worked tirelessly to see them come to fruition – it was great to work with someone so focussed on building a better product and a happier customer base.” October 28, 2008

Jon Landau, Head of Customer Service, Huddle.net

“I had the pleasure of working with Davide while at Huddle. He made an immediate impact on our business, as his work helped transform our application.
Davide is a talented UX/UI professional, who has a knack for understanding business requirements while still embodying the end user.
In addition to his talents he has a bright and cheerful outlook which is always welcome.” October 24, 2008

Nopadon Wongpakdee, Director, Online Marketing, Huddle.net

“Davide worked at Huddle as User Experience Manager for 5 1/2 months in 2008. His role was to deliver a completely new dashboard interface for the existing Huddle application, tune the other core elements of the system to make them more usable and design interfaces for new tools as they were added over time.

Davide designed a completely new dashboard that is due for release in November 2008 which has received very positive feedback from users who have seen it so far. Davide created the designs and wrote the accompanying user stories that were then passed to the engineering team for development.

Davide’s design work during his time at Huddle was of a consistently high standard. He has transformed the look and feel of Huddle bringing it up-to-date and incorporating clever features that will hopefully make it much more usable and intuitive – not to mention significantly more elegant.

Davide is extremely passionate and focused on designing well thought-out, innovative user interfaces. He worked quickly and would be an asset to any team who are serious about the design of their web application.” October 8, 2008

Alastair Mitchell, Founder & CEO, Huddle.Net

“Davide is an excellent User Experience Manager with a great understanding of user interface design. He is also highly technically skilled and can quickly turn his Photoshop designs into elegant, browser compatible XHTML and CSS. Davide has been responsible for several key projects at Huddle including managing the user experience for two mini applications and – most notably – the redesign of the Huddle dashboard and application user interface. All his work has been delivered with speed and accuracy. He is a reliable worker who I could trust to deliver work of excellent quality on time.” October 8, 2008

Andy McLoughlin, Founder and Product Director, Huddle.net

“Davide has the unique quality of having an excellent appreciation of aesthetic principles and technical details. In fact, he is an evangelist of good UI design and he is a purist when it comes to the separation of presentation and logic. UI’s he’s been responsible for just look and feel right. On a personal level Davide is the most affable person I’ve met” January 4, 2010

Steve Poulson, Research Team Leader, ScanSafe

“Davide is a top UI design expert. In addition to experience, knowledge and attention to detail, Davide possesses the most important quality – he does the job with love.” July 25, 2008

Ivan Litovski, R&D Lead, ScanSafe Ltd

“Davide Calvo is a uniquely talented individual who boasts a thorough understanding of UI architecture, interface usability and accessibility.
During his time with ScanSafe Davide has re-engineered our service portal from a typical ‘developer-led’ user interface into a first class application which also exhibits clear separation of content and presentation. His passion for UI architecture is clearly evident by the quality of all his work, in terms of improved usability and the positive feedback from users. Davide has a precise attention to detail and tremendous pride in his work. He has the ability to capture complex configuration problems and transform these into a logical user experience. He communicates very well with the implementation team and manages the delivery of changes extremely well. His contribution to product development is recognised by senior management, and all the staff holds him in very high esteem.” February 5, 2008

Steven Robertson, Director of Development, Scansafe Ltd.

“Davide is an absolute joy to work with. His constant enthusiasm and innovative approaches to new user interfaces constantly leave me amazed. He always delivers 1st class work on time.” January 23, 2008

Spencer Parker, Director of Product Management, ScanSafe

“I cannot recommend Davide highly enough. His knowledge of, and skill with, the intricacies of web development are some of the best I have witnessed – he makes my job ten times easier. Not only that, but he is a pleasure to work with. His disposition in the office is cheerful and friendly and he never has too little time to help someone out.” May 3, 2007

Paul Thomas, Lead Developer, Scansafe

“Besides his excellent technical skills, Davide is a great team mate.
His knowledge in building extremely professional user interfaces is matched only by the ease with which he integrates his work with that of the software programmers.
He does his job with great passion and responsibility. He’s one of the most sociable persons I have met and he has the full appreciation of all the colleagues in the company.
Always a pleasure to work with him!” April 7, 2007

Bogdan Dimitriu, Senior software developer, Scansafe Ltd

“Davide consistently produces work to a very high standard (and on time) – he is a pleasure to work with and significantly enhances the value of our service. April 4, 2007

Jonathan Elstein, VP Operations, ScanSafe

“I placed Davide in his position at Comet and have to say that he was a joy to work with as a candidate. Since placing him I have had a number of good reports not only about his work but also his friendly personality and professionalism in the workplace. I would not hesitate to work closely with Davide again if he were looking for a new position and, after seeing the new comet.co.uk website, would highly recommend his work.” January 4, 2007

James Burdis, Team Leader, E-Synergy Solutions Ltd

“Recently I worked with Davide on a SEO project and his expert knowledge allowed us to identify a number of issues and propose solutions accordingly. As a result, the site’s free traffic rose by 25%!” September 20, 2006

Carys Dorritt, Marketing Executive, Comet PLC

“Davide Calvo has worked for Comet since early 2005.
His first task at Comet was to improve the usability of both the Call Centre and store versions of the site which he achieved by designing a complete set of interfaces and suggesting some amendments to the workflow. He also did great work on the SEO of both the main site and one of our other sites; the latter showed an increase of 25% in natural search and a doubling of the number of pages indexed by Google following Davide’s SEO work. In all his work he will always ensure that what he delivers is accessible.
Throughout 2006 his major work for us has been on a full scale redesign of the Comet site, Davide has been integral to the success of this redesign taking on a wide ranging role encompassing design, wireframing, mark up structure, integrating his code with that of the technical team and testing. Davide’s broad mix of skills allowed him to support both the design and the development team and help the overall flow of the project by bridging the gap between the technical team and the designers. Specifically he supervised 2 front end programmers during the project, prioritising and signing off their work.
Davide is passionate about his work and sets himself exacting standards which in his time with us he has always achieved. He has been our sole expert on accessibility and the site is now much better optimised and more accessible than when he joined us.” September 18, 2006

Tim Woollias, General Manager, eCommerce, Comet Group plc

“I have worked with Davide for 18 months on the Comet website – one of the UK’s top retail websites. His key strengths are formidable technical skills, a co-operative, positive and dedicated attitude, and excellent management skills. Over the last 18 months he has worked enthusiastically to vastly improve the site and has particularly been a passionate evangelist of accessibility, usability and cutting-edge design.” September 18, 2006

Chris Cook, E-Commerce Developer, Comet Group Plc

“Davide transformed our website into a comprehensive and interactive on-line presence that enhanced the values of the brand. Committed and enthusiastic in his approach, Davide proactively developed ideas from conception through to implementation, demonstrating a high level of innovation and creativity. Davide’s eye for detail and ability to think laterally sets him apart from other web designers.” May 22, 2006

Jason Brautigam, Marketing Manager, Ascot Racecourse

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